azan is 400 years of combined experience in tobacco growing

Azan Cigars are the result of over 400 years of combined experience in tobacco growing, cigar blending and manufacturing and is supervised by a group of retired Cuban cigar experts.

Cigar Factory

the only Cuban Cigar brand
ever made by Chinese

In 1870, Kwan Ben Sen and his two brothers migrate from China to Manicaragua, province of Villa Clara, Cuba. Once they arrived to Cuba, they adopted the last name of Azan. By 1928, the Azan brothers start manufacturing hand made cigars. The cigars become very well known in the region, using long filler tobacco leafs from Hoyo de Manicaragua, considered one of the top tobacco regions in Cuba.


Luck is on Azan’s side since 1938; the family won the National Lottery on that year. They invested the money in building a state-of-the-art cigarette factory. It soon became the main source of local employment and the biggest infrastructure in the region. The factory’s high-quality products conquered the region rapidly.

Kwan Ben Sen

Cuban Revolution in 1959

After the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the former Azan factory becomes part of the state runned “Empresa de Tabaco Torcido Villa Clara.

Year of the dragon

2012 was The Year of the Dragon and marked the come-back of Azan Cigars.
The only Cuban cigar brand with Chinese roots.

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